ZED Data Solutions -

ZED Data Solutions offers the following services:

  • Design and develop software to your specifications. Types of software can range from stock control and sales to contact management software - actually, any business requirement that you can think of can be developed into a software package. The end product can be designed for a single workstation or for a multi-user environment.
  • Many businesses still use gigantic spreadsheets to manage data that really belongs in a database application - ZED Data Solutions can work with you to convert a spreadsheet based system to a database application to really enhance your business. .
  • If you are juggling your business data between several applications - ZED Data Solutions can provide a single interface to your data to give you a better perspective on what is really happening in your business. Call to discuss the possibilities for a software solution to suite your business.
  • Full support is always available on any application developed by ZED Data Solutions.

All applications developed by ZED Data Solutions are written using Borland Delphi for use on a Microsoft Windows (98 or better) operating system.


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